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Dear anti-racist activists,

Many human rights activists know that building Jewish-only settlements on Palestinians’ land is racist and violates international law. However, the role of charities in subsidizing these illegal settlements has been invisible to most Americans.  Since 1999, just six registered U.S. charities have funneled over $500,000,000 into Israeli settler institutions.  

Today, we invite you to contribute to the Campaign to Defund Racism, a national call from Palestinian communities to stop the flow of U.S. “charitable” money to Israeli settler organizations. These communities are under the constant threat of annihilation due to Israel’s aggressive policies to expel Palestinians from their land and destroy their homes to make way for the expansion of Jewish-only settlements. Palestinian communities, organizations, and grassroots activists on both sides of the Green Line — from the South Hebron Hills to the Jordan Valley of the West Bank to East Jerusalem and the unrecognized villages of the Naqab— have all come together to put forth this call to Defund Racism.  

As anti-racist activists, we now need to respond to the Palestinians’ call. Please help us raise $15,000 to research the shadowy financial web linking Americans’ tax-free donations to the racist settlement enterprise, and support the growing unity of Palestinian communities defending their homes and lands. These Israeli settler institutions carry out programs ranging from campaigns to erase indigenous Palestinian communities to the adoption of the Israeli Nation-State Law, which codifies Palestinians as second-class citizens and makes settlement expansion a national priority. We invite you to support Palestinians and their international partners to implement strategies to limit and ultimately cut the financial resources to these organizations—ranging from educating donors to legal challenges to the charities themselves.

Join us in expanding a global grassroots movement to defund the racist Israeli settlements.

Defund Racism: Critical Needs

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Defund Racism: Critical Needs

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